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The Rocky Mountains lured Michael to Canada as a 17-year-old from Austria for a summer vacation in 1980. He was asked by his uncle Hans who lived in Banff what he’d like as payment for having helped for a few weeks during that summer at a remote lodge. He innocently replied “A camera so I can document the incredible beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains for my friends back in Austria”. That was the beginning of a wonderful life capturing images of scenery and people as Michael had a natural eye for composition, light, and artistic direction. He worked in many capacities including as a chef at other remote lodges until his move to Kelowna in 1991. Fast forward to 1993 and Michael’s passion is still in photography as art & creating the best possible images while taking numerous seminars, courses, and workshops as a professional photographer. He spent the next 15 years specializing in ‘wedding art’ with his partner Suzanne, and both became award-winning photographers in the  very rewarding & passionate field of wedding photography.  


   In 2007, a new direction resulted in the restructuring of the business which has Micheal and SuZanne specializing in promotional, corporate events, architectural,  business, commercial, and family photography, 

“I love the magic that happens when a beautiful moment is captured!!”


Michael Hintringer

   You’ll often see Michael in his yellow and blue Wiesinger cycling gear as his love and personal endeavors & motivations include road cycling which started many years ago through bike touring in Europe and operating as a ‘tour guide’ for Canadian, American, and German clients. His natural strength and stamina has brought him much success in the 2006 TransAlp 7-day Road Race, and many other Austrian day races. His love of riding definitely shows with his ear-to-ear smile when he’s climbing any mountain pass, but is especially accentuated when he’s riding with his best friends in the Dolomitiis of northern Italy, especially when he’s climbing his favorite, Passo Pordoi!!


Michael and SuZanne's other mountain passions include multi-day backpacking, hiking and cycling adventures in the Rockies, Selkirks, Kananaskis and Europe, as well as winter backcountry ski touring and snowshoeing.  


   You can often find  Michael and SuZanne having a cappuccino and a tea at one of their favorite local cafes in and around Kelowna. 

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